As many of us have learned by experience, moving forward from a previous Widows version to the new release has not always been a wise decision. We believe, this time it's an exception. Windows 7 is here now... and is here to replace Windows Vista!

What is windows 7? Windows 7 is the replacement of windows vista. Everyone knows how Windows Vista created a huge negative impact on windows computer users, but we all should be happy, those days are over. We all at Laptop Laboratory can assure you that with the arrival of Windows 7, things are going to be much, much better.

Advantages of Windows 7:

Windows 7

  • Windows 7 runs applications built for Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 Professional runs a virtual XP mode
  • Windows 7 only runs required services in the background and wakes up those services needed by applications only when needed.
  • Windows 7 runs much faster


Upgrading to windows 7 will definitely improve the performance of most computers running Windows Vista. If you have decided to perform the upgrade or move to Windows 7, we highly recommend you to perform a clean install. Let our engineers make your life a little easier. Let us perform your Windows upgrade for you.
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